søndag 29. april 2012

Across the Universe & A Million Suns by Beth Ravis

These are the two first books in the Across the Universe trilogy, and the last one, Shades of Earth will be published in 2013. In May if I'm not mistaken.

This book is about seventeen year old Amy who, along with er parents is frozen aboard the spaceship Godspeed. They are headed for a new planet and are supposed to be unfrozen 300 years in the future. However, someone unfreezes Amy fifty years early and leaves her there to die..

Which she doesn't, obviously, 'cause what kind of start to a series does that make?

She has to live on the ship with it's crewmembers and she befriends Elder, the future leader of the ship.

Do you smell a love interest? Yes you dooo-ooo.

So this is the basic premise of this trilogy. But what do I have to say about the series you ask? Well I'm gonna tell you!

I have given both books four out of five stars on Goodreads. The first book does take a while to get into, which is understandable considering there are several characters to get to know, love and hate. After you get over that awkward first part there the book is really unputdownable! And then the second book you can skip right over that fase and get straight to the action! Another thing I struggled a little bit with is that every other chapter alternates by having Amy or Elder as a narratir. (And what kind of a name is Elder anyways? Lol)

But the series is great! There is action, there is love, there is compassion and there is a hell of a lot of questions I need to get the answer to! I cannot wait for the third and final book and it really pains me that it's a whole frexing year until i get dive into the final chapter!

So should you read this series? Yes you should!

- Siff

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