søndag 29. april 2012

Some changes!

Okay, first of all; I'm going to try to write all my posts in english from now on, which probably means that there will be a few grammatical errors since it's been a while, lol. But hopefully i will get my point across somehow anyways.

I will also try to post more regularely and have a few regular posts each week/month. I don't know if i will give an in depth review for aaaaall the books that i read, but at least of the books i really like i will give it a chance (though i'm not that good at it; yet). Each month i will continue with the wrap-up posts that I've been doing, but I will also have a TBR-post of some of the books I aim to read that following month. There will probably be some IMM/Book Hauls, but I will aslo have some wishlist-post on books that I can't wait to read and really wish was in my bookshelf this very moment.

Also, in my time of watching booktubers on YouTube I've noticed that I enjoy the occasional Top Ten Tuesday as well as some of the question-tag videos, so I might do some of those eventually so that anyone who stumbles upon this blog and might want to learn some more about me can do just that.

I will however don't have any Q&A post considering i don't have a single comment on this blog, lol.

- Siff

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