lørdag 5. mai 2012

Book Chat: Desert Island Books

Book Rat Misty has a book chat going on over at her youtube channel / blog, and this time it is all about which 5 books you would bring with you if you were to find yourself on a deserted island. There are five categories you have to choose books from and these are:

1: A book you have read before and want to read again:

This is Sagan om Isfolket (The Legend of the Ice People) by Margit Sandemo, which consists of 47 books.. So it's kind of a stretch since it would make a massive bind up, but I LOVE these books!

2: A book you've never read but really want to read:

I've actually never read any of the books, I've only seen the movies and a series. I keep thinking I would need to bring really big books if I were to be stranded on an island so The Complete Chronicles of Narnia would be a wise choice i believe..

3: A childhood favorite:

This is a bind up of a series written by the norwegian author Anne-Cath. Vestly and I used to have all her books in this series on cassette tape (you know, what we used to have before the cd and mp3-files, lol). I loved these books! I got to listen to them every night before i went to bed. They are about a grand mother and her eight grand children and I think most people my age and older in Norway have fond memories of this series.

4: A series OR a book that has been recommended to you:

I don't think Harry Potter needs any explanation. I couldn't end up on an Island without these books..

5: Whatever floats your boat:

Okay, here I had some trouble, but I ended up with The Swarm by Frank Schatzing. I have this book on my shelves, and I really want to read it, but because it's a massive book (800+ pages) I haven't done it yet. I figured I need something else that I've haven't read yet on my list and this book sounds really promising.

So this is my list; at least for now. I bet in a few hours I will think of other books that I would rather have brought, but still, I feel it's a good list. Visit Book Rat Misty at her blog and make your own list and let me know so I can check out yours! :)

- Siff

7 kommentarer:

  1. Interesting list! A 47 book series is definitely the way to go - keep you occupied for awhile. ;)

    1. Hehe, yeah. Each book is about 220-250 pages though, so it's a rather quick read in that sense :)

  2. You have some good choices here- I've never heard of the huge series but if you've read all of them before that is seriously impressive! x

    1. I've read the series three times before already, it's that amazing. It's sort of an adult paranormal series.

  3. Wow, 47 books is definitely a lengthy series! That bind-up would be SO massive. O_O

    1. It would, haha. We should be able to bring e-readers with solar panel on this deserted island ;p

  4. I still have a copy of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe from when I was little. It's an illustrated version for kids but it's so pretty I love it!

    And a 47 book series is an fantastic choice! It would definitely keep you busy :)