mandag 7. mai 2012

Murder Monday (1)

Okay.. So for my first Murder Monday I thought I would quickly write about the norwegian author Jo Nesbø and his books about Harry Hole. There are nine books in total in this series and I've read all but the last one which is Phantom (my mother just bought it though so as soon as she is done with it I will borrow it, hehe). I've read all the books in norwegian, but the books have been translated into english and several other languages as well. In addition he has sold the movie rights to the british company Working Title, although I believe they are planning on filming The Snowman which is the seventh book which sounds a bit strange to me. But enough of that.

The books main character is Harry Hole who is kind of an anti-hero in a sense. He works as a murder investigator for the norwegian police which he combines with a drinking problem on the side. He is brilliant in his work but won't let people really in his personal life.

In the first book in the series, The Bat, Harry Hole has to go to Australia to assist an Australian police investigation on the murder of a norwegian girl. He is supposed to lay low, observe and get a grip on his alcohol problem that has gotten worse after he was in a car crash that killed his colleague, but that really is not in Holes nature. He falls in love with a friend of the dead girl, he gets in the company if pimps, strippers and learns about an old aborigine tale about the Bat Man. And as the Bat Man awakens, Death appears in the lives of mortals.

I don't know if this does the series any justice.. but heres the link to his official website where you can read more about his books: and you can look him up on Goodreads. 

I really do recommend this series, and for all of you who already embraced the Stieg Larsson trilogy I would definitely recommend you pick this series up - and it only gets better and better.

- Siff

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